My Mission

Jadiel Alfonso
Jadiel Alfonso

What I am is reflected, heard, and seen in everything I do. Starting with my thoughts, my behavior is the natural result of my convictions.

After being featured by CanonUSA twice in 2017 on their Instagram page I started asking myself: “what else?”. Although photographing wildlife and landscape is fun and has led me to perfecting my photography skills, it still does not fulfill the gap between my passion for photography and who I am, neither does it allow me to grow, spiritually speaking.

Looking for a way to connect both worlds, I prayed about it for months and waited for God’s guidance. One day, The Spirit lead me to a TED talk about documenting photography which was presented by an atheist reporter and photographer. He presented an image of what seemed like a living skeleton: a human who was a victim to starvation, and incapable of walking, yet able to move around crawling. “If he wasn’t able to give up, why should I?”, the reporter said. If an atheist was moved by the degraded condition of a human being and was willing to go and do something about it, why not me?

I feel the strong calling from God to go and tell the world that He is alive and working hard in the lives of many, and in many forms. From missionaries that have given up their time to help others, to Muslims and atheists that are surrendering their hearts to The Lord, and to anonymous heroes that help the homeless, there are stories out there that need to be told. People need to know! Yes, mass shootings, weather change, and rumors of war are taking over the headlines these days, but God is moving powerfully, and people’s lives are being changed, but the media, and even some Christians, are not talking about it. We should preach from every frontier and from every platform so that we can reach those from every race, tribe, language, and nation.

I understand that God is calling me to proclaim His message through photography by telling the stories of those that are being transformed, and of those He is using to transform the lives of others. Photography allows me to do that because it is a powerful tool capable of communicating a message.

I accept the call and put my given talents to God’s service. He calls, and I answer, trusting that He will provide the means and support through people like you, and many others. The more we do, the faster He will return, so, let’s get to work!