I am…

My friends say that I’m an extroverted cuban photographer with a very strong sarcasm.

I like to believe that life is too short to not take it serious. A difference can be made. In fact, a difference must be made. I believe that there is nothing more selfish than living my live for myself, instead than for others.

Photography allows me to make a difference, send a message, or tell a story in a way that captures people’s attention.

My work has been featured on Spanish TV Network Telemundo Orlando, CanonUSA’s Instagram page, across Florida Hospital network, Adventist University of Health Sciences, and more.

From social issues to unknown heroes… There are many out there doing great things for other people but their stories don’t appear on the newspapers. Let’s focus on that for a bit. Unknown heroes live among us, miracles happen every day. Those are the stories I like to tell!

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