Sunset Photography: My Tips

It is common practice among photographers to set the ISO to AUTO. Although this is useful in many scenarios (Example: wildlife, landscape photography, etc.) giving the ISO “free will”, in this instance, can prevent you from capturing the beautiful colors otherwise only visible with your eyes. That been said, keep in mind that there is no right nor wrong way of capturing sunsets. At the end it is all about personal taste.



When photographing sunsets I like to set the ISO to 50 (or 100). By setting a low ISO I am making sure that the camera won’t compensate the lack of light for me.



I tend to use a slow shutter speed somewhere between 60 – 125. Using a higher shutter speed will result in even less light considering that I am using the lowest ISO possible. At the same time, using a slower shutter speed will allow more light but it almost requires a tripod (or very solid surface) due to the blur produced by the longer exposure.



Aperture is key. I use it to set the exposure that, at the end, will give me the desired result. The secret is to move the aperture to one or two steps below the proper exposure so that I can capture all the fading colors. Lowering the exposure will also result in silhouettes which I absolutely love!


When purposely lowering the exposure my goal is no longer to capture detail but color and silhouettes.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article there is no right nor wrong way of capturing sunsets. Playing around with the different elements involved in capturing light (ISO, Shutter, Aperture, Exposure) will break nothing but the frontiers of your imagination.

Try it!

Osprey fishing

Try God

Many of you ask me “what do you do to be at the right time in the right place in order to capture these animal pictures?” Well, I just pray. Every little thing, every experience, can be a spiritual experience.

I talk to God before leaving home to take pictures, while driving, and also while in the wilderness by myself not only for protection but also to take me to the right spot where I can take the pictures. He is the creator of every living creature and they obey him. I use that in my favor 😎.
And although I don’t always come back home with the pictures I wanted/dreamed of I never return empty handed. Talking to God never ever leaves me empty!
I challenge you to talk to Him and ask Him for advice in those things you wish to improve. What would you lose anyway? Do the math :).

Mission of Hope

Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at 12.12.01 PM

Mission517 visits a rural school every year. For a whole week missioners spend time painting the selected school (more pictures to come) and prepare the facility for the new scholar year. Although the length of the trip is about 10 days, most of the luggage taken by missioners is full of school supplies for the kids. At the end of the week, students are welcome back to their “better looking” facility as they receive a bag-pack full of all kind of school supplies. This project has been going on for almost 10 years now. It has been another way of helping the community of tamarindo besides providing free healthcare at the same time. As a result, every year people await for Mission517 to come back because they know that help and hope come along.

The 2019 Costa Rica Mission Trip Photo book is available by clicking in the picture above.

Old Havana

We humans started using makeup a long time ago to cover our imperfections. We hope to give a good impression, even if it isn’t a real one. Usually the more imperfect we are the more makeup we use. Perhaps Havana is the same. Perhaps it’s beautiful makeup is hiding wrinkles caused by a long time suffering due to communism. Oh!, Havana. If you could talk…

Cuba 2019-26