2019 Costa Rica Mission Trip

A picture os missioners helping an old lady

Last year was a special year. I was able to go on my first international mission trip. The destination was Tamarindo, Costa Rica, to a community that has been visited once a year for the last 13 years, and it was possible because of God and YOUR support.

The lives of many in need changed for good, including my own. Those of you that got the photo-book read the stories and saw the images. Some of them were posted on my Instagram account .

Today I am starting to raise the founds to go back to Costa Rica this coming August, and continue helping such needed community. As of last year, a team of PTs, PAs, Nurses, BSBS, and BSHS students, professors, and doctors will come together to help those who cannot afford healthcare.

My passion is to document it all and tell the stories through the lens of my camera.

If you feel inclined to helping me on this enormous task I will greatly appreciate it. Here is the link to support my 2019 Costa Rica Mission Trip.